San Diego Carpet Cleaning – Dupont Teflon® Carpet Protector

Your carpet is always vulnerable to dirt and spills, no matter how clean it is! It’s really important that you consider adding a protective solution to your carpet, before any stains start making their way to the surface. Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector leaves a coat of protective finish onto your carpet to ensure that nothing passes the surface of the carpet. The finish forms around the surface of the carpet protecting it from outside damage. Ask your  San Diego Carpet Cleaning service to apply Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector for you today! Once your protective layer is applied, your carpet will not absorb spills or dirt, and will not have stains seeping through the surface. The Teflon carpet protector will repel a spill which allows you to clean your carpet before the core of the carpet is damaged.

Are you worried that your upholstery will get damaged? Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector can not only be applied to carpets, but it can even be applied to your upholstery! That’s right, you can leave a repelling coat anywhere you want to prevent a disastrous stain.

Your carpet is clean and you’ve added some protective finish to it, what’s next? Do it again! To keep your carpeted areas looking nice for life, you need to make sure that you get your carpets cleaned routinely, but also add carpet protector every time! Your carpet’s protection will wear off in time, and it is of your best interest to ask for Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector every time you get your carpet cleaned to keep your carpet looking shiny, fresh, and new.

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