San Diego Carpet Cleaning – Pet Stain Removal

Pet urine is one of the toughest to deal with when it stains your carpet, but if managed correctly, it could be eliminated.  When you find a new or old pet stain on your carpet, it’s not time to look for new carpets – there are methods San Diego Carpet Cleaning recommends to remove the stain.

When the urine makes contact with the carpet, it forms crystals of odor that penetrate deep inside the fabric – the real source of odor. No matter how recent the stain is, it’s important to take action against the stain as soon as you notice it! Take a clean cloth and press firmly against the stain to absorb any liquids remaining, you can place this cloth next to your pet’s litter box so that it understands the appropriate areas to take care of business. To ensure that your carpet doesn’t get ruined, use some water with an optional mix in of laundry detergent to gently go over the spots – make sure you drain out the excess liquids left behind. After a soft clean, some may recommend using harsh vinegar to eliminate the odor infused within the carpet, but vinegar won’t eliminate the odor, and may even damage your carpet.

Instead of risking your precious carpet, contact San Diego Carpet Cleaning for an extraction of the odor. Not only will the carpet cleaning service eliminate the crystals inside of your carpet, it will erase the odors forever and leave your carpet looking new. Clean it to the best of your ability, and avoid using harsh chemicals that will ruin the area applied. Call a cleaning service that can professionally remove your new or old pet stains!

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