San Diego Carpet Cleaning – Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can happen anywhere regardless of the climate. Whether it’s flooding, broken pipes, overflowing water sources, you name it – liquid will damage your carpets and could potentially develop an unsanitary growth of bacteria and/or mold. Depending on the water’s sanitation and hazard levels they are rated and treated differently from one another. San Diego carpet cleaning recommends that you call in professionals to clean and disinfect your carpet within the first 24 hours. Instinctively, some may try to dry out the carpet themselves and clean it with “clean” water so that it can dry out neatly – this will not do the trick. When you have dirty water infested in your carpets, any unhealthy growth can form and more water won’t clean it out. Let the professionals handle the mess! Don’t put your health on the line by trying to deal with it yourself. San Diego carpet cleaning has technicians on the line waiting to solve your carpet issues.

As we mentioned before, liquid has 3 categories of sanitation. The first level is water from a clean source such as a plumbing line. The second category, also known as “gray water damage”, is water that could contain chemicals that are dangerous to one’s health such as an overflowing toilet. The third and final category is named “black water.” Black water is categorized as waters with agents that are incredibly unsanitary and could pose serious health risks to those around it. To read more about the water damage categories, go to San Diego carpet cleaning water damage restoration page.

If your carpet has been in contact with water, make sure you give a call to your San Diego carpet cleaning for consulting on how to proceed with the sanitation of your carpet to ensure nobody is exposed to serious health risks.

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