San Diego Carpet Cleaning – Cleaning Tips

A carpet requires maintenance and care at every location! We will go over guidelines presented by San Diego Carpet Cleaning companies to help retain the cleanliness of your carpets. To ensure that your carpet looks new for years, you must take certain precautions, otherwise you could potentially leave permanent damage on the carpet.

In order to keep your investment looking healthy as can be, always stay cautious and predict any source of dirt to trace onto your carpet. Some recommendations are; making sure that you have a door mat to allow guests to clean off any dirt left on their shoes before entering your carpeted areas, taking care of any spills immediately using water or mild chemicals (never any harsh products or harsh scrubbing, otherwise you will leave deep stains on your carpet!), and vacuum cleaning every surface consistently – making sure that every surface is gone over multiple times removing any dirty debris left inside of the carpet. A healthy carpet is your key to a healthy lifestyle! Make sure to incorporate a carpet cleaning routine into your schedule to eliminate any kind of dirt buildup that could harm and destroy your carpets.

If you encounter any spill damage to your carpet, there are certain steps recommended to solve the situation properly. First, lightly scrub the area with water, making sure to keep the pressure very light, otherwise you will leave stains on the carpet! Next, take a thick piece of cloth and place it on the stain, weighing it down with a heavier object to allow the cloth to penetrate the stain deep at it’s source. Any stain that is deep inside of the carpet will reappear if not treated correctly. Leave the cloth on the stain overnight. If the problem has not been solved, call a San Diego Carpet Cleaning service to clean the carpet using steam cleaning hot water extraction methods!

A carpet is a huge investment and it’s cleanliness should be your priority! Follow cleanliness recommendations and stay consistent with a reoccurring cleaning schedule. If you encounter any issues, contact a carpet cleaning service to help you with your carpet as soon as possible!

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